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Update by user Sep 01, 2013

My bank was convinced enough by my complaint to front me the difference during the settlement process. finally refunded the money and the bank took back the difference. I had to wait a week for a new card and now I'm going through the process of updating the rest of my accounts with other companies like Netflix, etc.

Update by user Aug 01, 2013

CLARIFICATION: They charged my account on August 1, 2012, March 6, 2013 and August 1, 2013

Update by user Aug 01, 2013

CORRECTION: They charged my account again on August 1, 2013, not 2012.

Original review posted by user Aug 01, 2013

I cancelled in August of 2012. They sent me a Confirmation of Cancellation CRM:06628612

They charged my account again on March 6, 2013 so I again called them and cancelled again. They sent me a Confirmation of Cancellation CRM:05419577 which stated:

"We hope you enjoyed your time with us! We have processed your request to have your profile deleted and to be removed from our email distribution list as of 3/6/2013 12:21 PM, and your confirmation number is: CAS-7134000-4BQ8. If you change your mind and want to reactivate your account - we're always here for you!

Please allow 2-3 days to be completely removed from our system. You should not receive any more of these messages after this time. If you have any questions, or if you would like to try us again, please don't hesitate to call or email."

They apparently did not completely remove me from their system. They charged my account again on August 1, 2012. This time I just went straight to the bank.

Now I must wait 7 to 10 to be issued a new debit card and must now update all of my automatic payments to my insurance company, electric utility, Video subscription service, Website hosting services, Pizza delivery service, Internet service provider, and phone company.

I want punitive damages to be determined by a jury.

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Shoreline, Washington, United States #695873

The sent me a refund confirmation notice yesterday and had the audacity to include the following statement:

"Please note that filing a dispute with your credit card company regarding this issue may slow down the process of your refund."

I suppose it would be faster if I just go round-and-round with them directly every few months forever, asking for my money back every time I catch them taking money out of my account.

No, I had to get a new debit card and now I have to update all of my transactions with everyone else, including utilities, cable, phone, insurance, etc., just because couldn't do what they promised and remove me permanently from their records. :( is another fake dating site

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So I was a member of when it was owned by AOL.I had left about a year ago when I finally figured that it was nothing but another fake site to get money.

I kept getting winks/emails from various women but when I paid I never got a response or anything. Let alone alot of them were not in the distance radius I selected. The finally straw is when I kept getting emailed/winked by someone that was close to me so I sent an email but only got a wink response, this went on for another four times until she emailed me to stop harassing her.

So not only does True send you winks for people too far from you but they send you false winks/emails when in the fact the woman has no interest in you whatsoever.

Stay away

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Richardson, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

I called and cancelled membership some time ago. I was told that there was time left and I'd still have some time on site. I kept getting e-mails and "winks."

Now you've billed my credit card again. I will get this money back! Tomorrow I have to be out of town, but I assure you that I will be calling the bank Tues morning to dispute charges. I hope you have the decency to do the right thing and fix this now. By the way, your site got me several e-mails. I met no one. For $70 a month, I could have gone to a bar and at least had a conversation or two.

Very disappointed customer,

Mark Lenard

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I was able to speak with someone today and she assured me that the charge to my card will be refunded minus sales tax.I don't understand why I'm being charged the sales tax, as no service or sale was exchanged.

I happy.More or less

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